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book coverNow we are confronted with the problem of a relative minority of people in our culture who hold massive wealth and power.  They use this to mold our opinions in their media, to control our legislators by making obscene campaign contributions just to protect their wealth and power, and to control our lives by owning the great majority of jobs.  They believe that the aristocracy and feudal power of giant corporations and enormous personal wealth entitles them to decide and dictate how all Americans should live – completely removing American Freedoms from our hands.

They are wrong, and the vast majority of Americans know it.  We have not just a duty but an obligation to confront and defy this sort of power.  Our first obligation is to the generations that came before us and fought for democracy: they didn’t fight, die, or work so hard to bring about a new corporate aristocracy.

Our second obligation is to the generations that will follow:   we hold this world in trust, having borrowed it from them, and they will not easily forgive us if we bequeath it to them in worse shape than we inherited it.

And our third obligation is the present: to return democracy to America so that our foreign adventures will be restrained by democratic processes, our domestic taxing and spending priorities will reflect our true needs, and our courts, legislatures, and governors and president will answer to us, rather than corporate special interests.

Despair is not an option, action is necessary, and both biology and history tell us that democracy is the right path to take.  By exposing the conservative frauds and presenting the realistic and practical possibilities of a democratic republic uncontaminated by corporate special interests, we can bring about a healthier, happier, and more peaceful America and world.  But to do so will require that we each become activists, we each become passionate, and we each speak our truth, promote our vision, and vote our conscience.

The Founders ended the Declaration of Independence with these words:

For the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Can we do anything less?

To free a nation from error is to enlighten the individual and it is only to the degree that an individual is receptive of the truth that a nation can be free from that vanity which ends in national ruin.
        —  Homer Lee