Democracy Integrity Project

OCF is committed to furthering democracy, be it in financial institutions or in government.  In order to resolve the problems we confront in our environment and communities, we as citizens must reassert our sovereignty, as well as  promote peace and justice on earth.  The lack of integrity in the election process is the equivalent of dry rot in the foundation of democracy.  If we do not restore integrity, democracy will no longer support liberty and justice for all.  In this effort to transform the global and empower the local we cannot afford to fail.

Suggested reading

Citizenship Papers by Wendell Berry
Democracy and Renewable Energy: Why We're So Short on Both by Mike Ferner
Drill, Grill and Chill by Maureen Dowd
Eleven Necessary Measures for Curbing the Corporate Crime Wave by Robert Waldrop
Gangs Of America by
Ted Nace
Mocking Our Dreams by George Monbiot
Reclaiming Our Sovereignty by Richard Grossman
What Would Jefferson Do? by Thom Hartmann
When Corporations Rule the World by
David C. Korten