Eleven Necessary Measures for Curbing the Corporate Crime Wave
  1. The stockholders and management of corporations convicted of felonies should lose their right to vote and run for public office.
  2. A registry should be maintained in each area of criminal corporations, and any corporation convicted of a felony should be required to register with the local police. A notice should be sent to all of their neighbors that a criminal corporation is taking up residence in their locality.
  3. Criminal corporations should lose all corporate welfare benefits and government contracts.
  4. Criminal corporations should be required to make weekly visits to parole officers, and their stockholders and management should be subject to random drug tests (either urine or hair).
  5. Criminal corporations should not be allowed to operate within 500 yards of a school, church or library.
  6. Criminal corporations should be required to place the phrase "A criminal corporation" on all advertising, signs and vehicles as a public warning.
  7. If criminal corporations violate the terms of their parole, their stockholders and officers should go to jail.
  8. In addition to the fine on the corporation, the personal assets of stockholders should be forfeited for their criminal negligence and lack of oversight.
  9. The increasing number of lawless corporations calls for stricter penalties. Bring back the death penalty for corporations. In this context, the 'death penalty' is the closure of the corporation, the forfeiture of its assets to its victims and/or the government and the winding up of its affairs by a court appointed receiver.
  10. Stockholders and management should be required to wear monitoring bracelets for the duration of their parole, and may not travel outside of their jurisdiction without a written pass from their parole officer.
  11. The stockholders and management of criminal corporations may not associate with the stockholders and management of other corporate felons, and are forbidden to keep and bear arms.

        Robert Waldrop is the director of the Archbishop Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City.  Waldrop's Catholic Worker House feeds the poor, takes in people who are being evicted and generally helps those in need.  Having worked with the poor, Waldrop has come to the conclusion that in this country "you get all of the justice that you can afford to pay for." That's why the prisons aren't overrun with the executives and shareholders of our major corporate felons. Waldrop has concluded that we should begin treating corporate criminals the way we treat street criminals.  So, he drew up a list of "Necessary Measures for Curbing the Corporate Crime Wave." Waldrop wrote the list "tongue in cheek," but he has gotten such a rave response to it that he believes that it might be the basis for a political movement to curb corporate crime. After all, why should a corporate felon, its owners and managers, be allowed to influence our elections when an individual is stripped of his or her right to vote? It is time to start thinking about how to level the playing field.  Waldrop believes says that "the original conception of the corporation was limited -- there had to be a definite public service."  "Now that whole concept has been stretched and there is no accountability," Waldrop says. He encourages readers to spread his list far and wide.  And check out his other good works at his web site:  http://www.justpeace.org.