Africa Project Cost Estimates

1.    Masai Vocational Training Workshop: Provides 2 weeks of training for Africans at facility in Terrat. Led by Lukas Kariongi with Dave Berger, of OCF, & Johnny Weiss, of SEI, assisting. Provides tools, food, and transport of 17 participants from remote villages. Estimated cost: $10,000. Estimation of costs supplied by Masai Solar Project. Target date; January 06

2.    Two Vaccine Refrigerators for Masai NGO, Llarmatok: Lukas and a crew at two selected locations will install Refrigerators. They will be used for vaccines for cattle, and people, and will have small freezer compartments. Cost breakdown: Panel $650, Fridge $800 (price varies based on availability at Sunfrost). Controller $100, Battery $100 (In country Exides life expectancy is 3 years), mounting structure $100, wiring $100. Total $3700 for 2 units. Shipping costs; $1200(ocean), $1900(air) to Dar Es Salaam (Info supplied by Larry Shushler of Sunfrost Co.)

3.    Solar/LED lighting Project: Provide 5 units (includes batteries, panels, and LED lights) to Llarmatok for small business start-up. This will be a clone of the Nicaragua Project grant. Estimated cost $500 (5 systems @ 100/system).

4.     Wind Water Pumping System for the Village of Naberera, Tanzania: Lukas is working with the local government for permission to install. If funds are available, Tanzanian government may help fund project. If not, literature research by PCC engineering students indicates that there are at least 3 or 4 manufacturers with system costs ranging from $15,000 to $30,000 (includes a new tower). If this money is difficult to find, a hand pumping system will be considered. Presently water is pulled out of the well by rope.

5.     Overall Projected Project Cost:  $46,100.